Thursday, February 21, 2013

PS4 Only Supports 4K Video, Not Gaming

I'm happy that some of my predictions came true last night at the Playstation Meeting 2013; one of those predictions being that the PS4 would not allow 4K resolutions for both video and gaming.

Shuhei Yoshida, the face of Sony Worldwide Studios has revealed that PlayStation 4 games will not be available at 4K resolution.

Sony is indeed manufacturing a range of 4K televisions but the rumours of the PS4's 4K capabilities just are not true.

With a closing image Sony quitely proposed the PS4 release date to be set for "holiday 2013", likely across Japan, Europe and the US.



  1. Nice you are learning to link back to your work.

    4K was never realistically going to be available in the short term, for gaming. Partly due market penetration but mainly due to the addition processing powers required and time required by publishers to render everything in 4K, as well as the addition storage require for such high resolution assets. You could have added some information about how much data a 4K image or movie takes up.

    "Shuhei Yoshida, the face of Sony Worldwide Studios has revealed that PlayStation 4 games will not be available at 4K resolution"
    Unless he personally said this to you, you need to include a citation or link to where you took this from, because if you follow your CVG link it shows a link to Joystik. Why not quote them as the source not a third party. Feels very Chinese whispers to me. Adds credibility to your piece.

    You are improving as a writer but you do need to invest some time and pride in your writing.

    "Writing professionally is like making love to a beautiful woman..."

  2. Ah yes! Hello again Hollow, friend. I agree with you completely here. You do need to site back to you own work and the same to any article on your site. You claim to take pride in your work. This is a great way to keep readers on the site for longer periods of time. Creating that circling effect with the news that you are wanting. You want to inform them, as they have come to you to obtain just that. Mr. Jedi, I have made it my own personal commitment to bash where bashing is needed but, commend you when you have improved. You are improving and whoever you have supporting or leading you are doing well also. You must keep you heads as one. You just may make a fine writer after all.

    Needs more to read but nice improvements.