Friday, February 15, 2013

KickStart This: RhinoShield Screen Protector

Evolutive Labs claims that its RhinoShield screen protector offers 5 times the impact resistance of a Gorilla Glass 2 screen despite being only 0.01″ thick. It also has layers that resist scratches and smudges.

From their KickStarter:
RhinoShield is a patent pending and custom formulated polymer created by our team. This polymer offers extraordinary impact absorption and excellent transparency. Rhino Shield is designed to be used in conjunction with the any case, or on its own.

Thin and Transparent is just Rhino Shield appearance. Silky smooth is its skin texture.

Impact Resistance Our specially designed shock-absorption layer can oppose many types of impacts. Any scenario that you may encounter in your everyday lives.

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  1. This almost boggles the mind completely. If its legit, then I will definitely want one.