Friday, February 8, 2013

Obsidian Has A NEW Star Wars Game Idea

It's difficult to hold my excitement for this news and even more taxing to type without raping the exclamation mark key and the CAPS LOCK.

It has just been revealed that Obsidian Entertainment is prepping to pitch Disney a NEW idea for a Star Wars game. (excuse me while I shout with glee and pop a blood vessel with joy)

Obsidian is most recently relevant with Fallout: New Vegas, but gamers and geeks alike know Obsidian making Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel; two of the most prized and popular Star Wars games ever created.

Obsidian Entertainment has what it calls one of its ‘top three pitches’ ever for a new game set in the universe. Studio head Feargus Urquhart has confirmed that the studio is waiting for the perfect time to pitch to new license holder Disney.
Urquhart described the idea, “I would say it’s within the top three pitches we’ve ever come up with.”

Regarding when it would be set, Urquhart stressed that the Star Wars universe is still rife with unexplored periods, “There’s a lot of different eras in Star Wars, and that’s what we would focus on.”

It’s not the first time Obsidian has had this idea however. “We pitched a between-Episode III and Episode IV game [to LucasArts],” Urquhart continued. “Because we think that timeframe is super interesting. It’s the fall of the Republic, the extermination of the Jedi, it’s Obi-Wan going off and making sure Luke is OK.

“You have the Sith, but you have the extermination of all Force users except for very, very few. So it was an interesting time to set a game, and you know, Chris Avellone came up with a really cool story.

“We also latched onto it because it has elements people remember, but not the stories. It can just completely not involve [the movies]. It can tease them, but nothing else.”

Although the LucasArts game never happened, Obsidian is keen to pursue the project with Disney’s blessing, Urquhart confirmed, “We haven’t [talked with Disney yet]. We’re kind of waiting for the smoke to clear. But that’s one of my next big things to do. To kind of go over there and [get the ball rolling again].”

There isn't a shred of detail yet about Obsidian's idea but I can only hope that the Golden Unicorn; KOTORIII is made. Obsidian takes Star Wars very seriously and are dedicated to the universe and I trust them regardless, plus their writers and staff are exceptional.

-Daniel, Jedi Editor


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