Friday, February 15, 2013

BitTorrent Now Lets You Send Terabyte Size Emails

BitTorrent's new service called "SoShare" promises to let you easily send those huge treasure-trove files to friends and coworkers with no hassle. You can now send a whopping terabyte at the click of a button.

With SoShare, you simply upload the files you want to send using the service's web-client, specify the email addresses, then POOF! the recipients get a link in their email and can start downloading right away, without setting up an account of their own. It's simple really. All they need is the SoShare plugin. And if you really want to share the love, you can get a public download link and put it anywhere you want.

The service is in the alpha stage so expect bugs snd glitches but BitTorrent prides itself on tech and programs that work so give them time to send updates out as feedback is recieved.

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