Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Map Revealed

Yesterday we brought you a poster and a screenshot of what is said to be the next Assassin's Creed game. Ubisoft has not confirmed any of this yet but according to them they'll have a few words to say today.

Thanks to Kotaku's close relationship to a tipster we can get a look at some of this interesting stuff. This map is located on the flip-side of the poster shown yesterday. It's 1715, inside the Golden Age of Piracy, and our next locale will be the Caribbean Islands; which looks mainly to incorporate what is now Florida, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.

Interesting thing to note; the Assassin emblem has a skull inside the arcs, Cuba is the only mainland, and not many tall buildings were in the Caribbean at this time so prepare to be jumping from banana tree to ship mast and so on.

This is a map of modern day Caribbean.

This is a map of the Caribbean from 1715



  1. The fan response to AC3's ship battles were so positive that they decided go build a whole game about it!

    1. It's rumoured that Ubisoft have been working on this game for 3 years.

    2. Same development time as AC3 then. I'm guessing it's using AnvilNext game engine again. Which looked beautiful, water effects on PS3 are rather special, along with the dynamic weather. Not sure how they can make a whole game out of the sea battles. The other image that leaked looked like Connor's granddad was wearing a Feudal Japanese outfit.