Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Music Unlimited Supports High Quality Audio

Sony Network Entertainment International have announced that their streaming music service Music Unlimited will support high quality audio through most of the devices it’s available on.  This means that if you switch the option on you’ll get playback in 320 kbps AAC audio.  For people using the service on their mobiles it’s not likely to be much use, particularly if you’re moving through a poor coverage area, but it’s great news for anyone who pumps everything through their home hi-fi as the increase in bit rate should be noticeable. 

Other services already offer high quality streaming, but in some it’s disabled unless you have a premium subscription (like Spotify), and it looks like Sony’s will be available to all subscribers.  I don’t use the service myself but if anyone does can you get your volume cranked up and let us know how it performs?  And also let me know what the Hed Kandi channel is like, that might sway me to giving it a go...

The option is now live on PS3, Android devices and the web, with support being added to other devices (such as iOS, PS Vita, Bravia TVs) at a later date.


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